Clinical Skills Education's Medical Sites Join UBM Medica US Partner Alliance

Partnership combines EKG and auscultation training sites with the leading industry reach and resources of UBM Medica US

NORWALK, Conn., Nov. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Clinical Skills Education LLC announced today a new marketing and distribution collaboration with UBM Medica US. Clinical Skills Education's websites – EKG.Academy and Auscultation.Education – provide training materials for medical professionals on EKG analysis, cardiac animation, and lung sounds.

UBM Medica US is one of the largest media companies in the United States serving the healthcare industry and delivers integrated and strategic communication solutions to a comprehensive audience of medical professionals and healthcare consumers through online, print, live, and custom programs.

"Clinical Skills Education is very pleased to be working with UBM Medica US to bring our popular EKG and auscultation training materials to a wider healthcare audience," said Lisa Oresick, Marketing Director at Clinical Skills Education.

Through this marketing and distribution partnership, medical professionals will benefit from content across EKG.Academy and Auscultation.Education, including:

  • Six comprehensive mini-courses on EKG interpretation – providing the essentials of EKG rhythm analysis – written by Thomas O'Brien, author of Electrocardiography for Health Care Personnel
  • EKG Rhythms Self Test training module, which presents over 500 EKG strips for interpretation followed by expert analysis of each rhythm strip
  • Essential Heart Sounds – which builds upon the heart simulator technology developed by Dr. Jon Keroes and David Liberman and originally published by Lippencott and 3M Littmann – offers sound recordings that are accompanied by descriptive text and an innovative 3D cardiac animation illustrating the functioning heart and source of each heart sound
  • Essential Lung Sounds focuses on 10 commonly heard lung sounds, with each lesson including a sound recording, description of the abnormality, a visual waveform, and a practice drill
  • "We are excited to bring on Clinical Skills Education's specialty sites," stated Devin Eppley, Partner Relations Manager at UBM Medica US. "Cardiology, pulmonology, and primary care are very popular specialty areas, and we are happy to be able to offer these training resources and materials to our audience."

For more information, visit: Auscultation.Education and EKG.Academy

About Clinical Skills Education LLC The Clinical Skills Education team has trained over one million healthcare professionals on EKG interpretation as well as heart and lung sounds.

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